Build Muscle Tone Without Going to the Gym

Take your body’s muscle tone to the next level without hitting the weights thanks to truSculpt® flex treatments from DiMarco!

Are you frustrated about not being able to go to the gym during COVID-19 quarantine? Worried that you’re losing muscle definition you’ve worked so hard to gain? Tired of not seeing the results you’re looking for from at-home workouts? DiMarco may have just the solution for you!

truSculpt® flex is the latest and greatest body sculpting treatment available at our aesthetics center. This device makes use of Multi-Directional Stimulation to electrically stimulate specific muscle groups. It is ideal for areas like the abs, buttocks, and thighs. truSculpt® flex will firm, tone, and strengthen muscles similarly to the effects of an intense workout. In just four sessions, patients typically see up to a 30% increase in muscle definition.
How Does truSculpt® flex Work?
truSculpt® flex leads the body sculpting industry in terms of covering the largest treatment area. It allows you to target up to 8 body zones at once with three different treatment mode options designed to replicate intense twisting, squatting, and crunching movements. The prep mode is used to warm up and stretch the muscles in order to build up your tolerance. The tone mode enhances strength and endurance by contracting a muscle until the point of exhaustion. And lastly, the sculpt mode uses repeated fast contractions to increase BMR.
What are the Benefits of truSculpt® flex?
truSculpt® flex is an FDA approved body sculpting method that is non-invasive. Other than the potential for delayed onset muscle soreness similar to what you would experience from a traditional workout, there will be no recovery period or downtime like there would be with a surgical procedure. truSculpt® flex is one of the rare ways to actually reduce cellulite. truSculpt® flex builds 30% muscle over six sessions and results contour over the next four months. Sessions can be personalized to each patient depending on their fitness level and body goals.
Gyms may be closed, but you can still get fitness results from your truSculpt® flex appointment at DiMarco! We are proud to serve patients throughout the BuffaloFredoniaGowandaJamestownOleanOrchard ParkWellsville, NY and Bradford, PA areas. Contact us today to schedule your first session!

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