Tailored Body Sculpting Solutions For Weight Loss

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DiMarco Body Sculpting and Aesthetics, LLC utilizes the latest, most advanced technology to address requests for body sculpting treatment from our patients. Many individuals want to make changes to improve the look and feel of certain areas on their bodies including the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs, and we have the knowledge and experience to help. Our patients are interested in making changes to the contour and definition of their arms and legs in these specific areas. It is not uncommon to feel shy or embarrassed about your appearance and want a change for a boost in self-confidence, and weight loss may help.

By utilizing truSculpt, DiMarco Body Sculpting and Aesthetics, LLC can provide solutions our patients are searching for. truSculpt is a body sculpting treatment that is easy for our team members to utilize, especially since it is hands-free and non-invasive. The truSculpt can be tailored specifically to the body contouring needs of each patient.

With locations across WNY, our team is proud to serve those throughout Ellicottville, Jamestown, Orchard Park, Amherst, Clarence, NY & the surrounding areas with high-quality weight loss solutions. For more information about the benefits and treatment options of truSculpt, feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form today!

• Reduces Fat and inches by non-invasive RF Technology
• Simple Comfortable Procedures
• Non-Invasive Body Contouring
• Multiple Zones of the Body
• Reduce Cellulite
• Tighten Skin
• No Downtime
• FDA Approved

truSculpt Results

Treatments that truSculpt can provide include fat reduction, upper arm contouring, upper arm definition, leg sculpting, proportional thighs, and more. The truSculpt treatment involves the delivery of radiofrequency energy in the form of heat to layers of fat on specific areas of your body. The heat will penetrate deep under your skin to target fat cells, which will be slowly eliminated. The removal of fat cells will produce the fat reduction results you’re looking for.

Contact DiMarco Body Sculpting & Aesthetics, LLC to learn more about truSculpt iD and how we utilize this innovative treatment. Our team is standing by to help you produce the results you want. We can help you feel better about yourself.

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